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Vehicle suppression is an Australian innovation, developed by FSI after consultation with industry, machinery manufacturers and contractors. FSI manufactures, installs, and maintains its own state-of-the-art system called the ‘Foam-Guard Fluorine Free Fire Suppression System’. This system can be configured to suit all applications whether in mining, forestry, construction, transportation, marine, or manufacturing industries.

The setup of the FSI systems starts with customer consultation and a thorough risk assessment analysis. Each application is individually assessed to identify all fuel and ignition sources and then the FSI system is designed and installed to ensure optimum coverage of all risk areas.

In the event of a fire, the loss of pressure is detected through the pressure tubing automatically activating the system to dispense the Fluorine Free Foam from strategically placed nozzles to extinguish the fire. The fire alarm panel is also triggered which alerts the operator and surrounding personnel of the situation. The shutdown panel (when fitted) will further shutdown the engine after predetermined times to prevent the continued fuel supply to the fire.

The use of Fluorine Free Foam is the most effective way to extinguish fires. Fires require oxygen to continue to burn, but the application of foam cuts the oxygen supply to the fire and aid in cooling the area to prevent re-ignition. Unlike powder systems, Fluorine Free Foam does not cause a powder cloud around the protected plant that can impair operators’ vision as they try to evacuate from the machine, and further allows for easy clean up with no corrosive concerns.

The FSI system also provides for manual activation and can be installed with a number of options such as automatic engine shutdown, a secondary detection mechanism using thermal probes, and an auxiliary spray network for additional or backup support. FSI also offer Rise Of Pressure (ROP) style systems or Electric Pneumatic activation in order to meet varying client requirements.

All vehicle systems come with:

- Maintenance plans

- Full Service

- 24/7 hour support

For all your vehicle suppression requirements, Pearl Fire have the equipment and staff to assist you and your business.

Contact us for a quote or more information.

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