Pearl Fire manufacture a range of purpose built trucks and trailers tailored to suit your specific requirements. With Pearl Fire's customisable trailers you have the ultimate portability solution, meaning you can quickly move heavy equipment to your prime attack position.


Fire technology is always improving, and with over 25 years’ experience in fire-fighting and foam suppression Pearl Fire is continuously looking for new innovative products, practices and applications like the Quick Attack Foam Trailers to fight against evolving fire hazards. For any particular application there can be a number of possible solutions, before making decisions on what application is best for you we recommend that you talk to one of our specialists to determine the best solution for your situation. Contact us for more information. 

Monitor Trailers


Pearl Fire distribute the range of Williams high delivery trailer monitor nozzle packages that offer quick response water and aqueous foam expulsion from 3800 LPM (1000 GPM) to 38,000 LPM (10,000 GPM).


These unique bespoke packages have the ability to perform as an automatic or fixed delivery system.  As a monitor mounted trailer package it offers the ability to position your fire attack relative to the incident and to suit the ever changing environmental conditions responders are subject to on any given day.  All of Pearl Fire’s trailer packages can be ordered with hose adaptor inlets to suit your facility and water supply capabilities, and made specifically to your specifications and expectations. Our experts at Pearl Fire will work closely with your team to ensure the best fit for purpose solution is reached to maximise your ability to handle any of your site specific hazards.


Hose Trailers


Pearl fire manufactures a range of purpose built hose trailers to suit your specific requirements. The trailers can be manufactured to accommodate all your hose, irrespective of size and length. Storage bays are positioned so the hose can be removed with ease minimizing OH&S issues of handling heavy equipment. Hose trailers not only allow for storage of your hose stocks but also allow you to quickly mobilize your hose in the event of an emergency, when seconds count!


Foam Trailers


Foam trailers not only give you the versatility of mobile foam storage, but when supplied with mounted monitor and nozzle, transforms the trailer into a quick action, first response unit. Pearl Fire manufacture a range of purpose built trucks and trailers tailored to suit your specific requirements. When incorporating this quick attack trailer with a 1 x 3 % foam and a Ranger 1.0 nozzle, the attack time could be extended to 26 min+ constant aqueous foam suppression application.


Pump Trailers


Traditionally pumps are fixed solutions. When planning for a fire, portability means you can attack the fire from wherever it is, not where your equipment it stationed. Pump Trailers enable effective firefighting in high risk areas. Pump Trailers allow you to take the pump to any water source and any location. Contact us for more information. 


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