Globe is the oldest, largest, and most trusted manufacturer of turnout gear in the world. For over 125 years, Globe has been providing high quality, customizsd gear that combines innovative design and construction methods, the skills of our experienced employees, the highest quality standards, and our state-of-the-art customized manufacturing equipment and processes. Their 4th generation family owners, employees, dealers all share a passion for building "Athletic Gear for Firefighters" in your choice of styles, options, and materials. And no matter what challenges tomorrow¹s firefighters face, you can be sure that Globe will continue to be there to protect them. 

Turnout Gear


Completely retailored from collar to cuff to provide even less restriction, the new G-XTREME® 3.0 is the latest evolution of our original breakthrough design. With all the features that made the original America’s most popular gear including Globe’s exclusive AXTION® Back, Sleeve, Seat, and Knee, you’ll instantly feel how these improvements let you make all the right moves. And like the original, G-XTREME® 3.0 comes in SHAPES to fit your body better.



The world's most advanced turnout gear is all about reducing restriction and increasing range of motion. Designed in consultation with a renowned university professor who literally wrote the book on protective clothing, this innovative design is a result of understanding physiology and how the body moves. The AXTION® Back, Sleeve, Seat, and Knee work in concert to give you completely unrestricted movement when you bend. And G-XTREME® comes in SHAPES to fit your body even better.



When called into action, you need to fight the fire – not your gear. Featuring the most comfortable collar on the market, COLLARBREAK™, the collar is sewn smoothly to the inner liner and then attached to the outer shell on the outside for a completely smooth fit across the neck. The added length in the AXTION® Sleeve, Seat, and Knee combine to allow you to move freely. Available XPS™ Panels provide options to extend the back. A Cairns Collection style



Lightweight and flexibility are hallmarks of this all new chassis. With a longer back and shorter front and the added length you need for mobility in the sleeve, knee, and seat, you can maintain generous overlap even when combined with the "street" fit lower rise pants. So everything about this contemporary design feels just right.



This metro-inspired design includes a drop-shoulder design that moves the sleeve seam beyond the shoulder for improved reach and reduced coat ride up. Together with a shorter front and longer back, this allows enhanced freedom of movement throughout the shoulders, arms, and back with less bulk. And the low-rise pants include a host of standard features including thermally enhanced flex liner knees and suggested options including SILIZONE® knee padding and DRAGONHIDE® reinforcements.



Form and function combine to make this contemporary design light and free moving. From its low-profile, semi-bellows pockets, telescoping cuffs, and longer back on the jacket to the trimmer, low-rise pants with AXTION® Seat and Knees, you’ll love how RSX™ makes it easier for you to do your job. A Cairns Collection style.



This Globe original introduced the AXTION® Back to turnouts, which adds length across your shoulders when you work in front of you. A long list of standard features including Dual Action Cargo Pockets and Lumbar Protection Panels keeps GX-7™ a popular choice at a premium value price.



Our most affordable turnout gear, CLASSIX® delivers Globe quality at a value price. The drop-shoulder design jacket and roomy, low-rise pants come with a long list of standard features to make this far more than basic gear.



Accepts our patented internal Class 2 Seat Harnesses featuring our floating leg loop system. The harness leg loops have no hardware to bother you or your gear and stay down out of your business every day when you aren't loading the harness. Loading the harness pulls the leg loops up into the correct seat position to equalize the load between both leg loops and the waist belt. Not ready to upgrade to an internal harness now? With IH™ READY, you can add it later without alteration.


Athletic Footware for Fire Fighters

With a unique cushioned and contoured sole and athletic footwear construction, Globe boots are flexible like your feet, grip like no other, and feel broken in right out of the box. We even changed out all of the heavy and conductive steel components to lighter, stronger, and insulating advanced composites. And they fit so securely, you can even run in them.


All Globe boots share the same foundation, but have uppers designed to meet your specific needs and the different requirements of Structural, Proximity, Technical, and CBRN NFPA standards. Just put your feet in a pair and you’ll say "Wow!"

Globe on John Ratzenberger's Made In America

SUPRALITE® 14" Pull On

Even lighter and more flexible by design featuring the world’s first use of DRAGONHIDE® and with the all-new and more aggressive PREDATOR™ outsole, SUPRALITE® comes the closest yet to feeling like your favorite sneakers while providing the protection, support, and slip resistance you depend on. 


SUPREME™ 14" Pull On

Step into a pair of SUPREME™ boots and you will know instantly why these boots have taken the market by storm. The combination of the cushioned and contoured sole, the flexible athletic footwear construction, and the internal fit system make this boot fit like a pair of sneakers. And the specially designed and formulated outsole gives you the best grip in the business in wet, dry, and ice.


SHADOW™ 14" Pull On

SHADOW™ shares the remarkably flexible platform, cushioned and contoured sole, and internal fit system that makes Globe FootGear fit better, grip better, and feel broken-in right out of the box. The all-black SHADOW™has also been designed with a lower profile collar with flexible NOMEX® webbing pull-straps to slide more easily under narrower turnout gear pants.


ONYX® 13" Pull On

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Globe boots at a value price. ONYX® boots share the same cushioned and contoured outsole and athletic footwear construction so they are remarkably flexible, grip like crazy, and fit like no other.



Globe PROXIMITY is the world’s first leather boot to meet the radiant heat requirements of Proximity Fire Fighting in addition to meeting all of the requirements of Structural Fire Fighting in the NFPA 1971 standard so it can be the one boot you wear for all your calls.


CBRN 15" Pull On

Globe CBRN is the world’s first leather boot certified to NFPA 1994, Class 2 (CBRN Terrorism) and that can also be decontaminated in the field. CBRN shares the same athletic footwear platform to provide the fit, grip, and flexibility for which Globe is loved, with unprecedented protection and flame resistance. 


STRUCTURAL 12” Zipper/Speed-Lace

This is the boot for those who prefer the adjustable fit of a lace up boot for Structural Fire Fighting. Built with our remarkably flexible athletic footwear construction, STRUCTURAL 12" shares the cushioned and contoured foundation and superior slip resistance of our pull on boot styles.


TECHNICAL 10" Zipper/Speed-Lace

Built with our unique athletic footwear construction for remarkable flexibility, TECHNICAL is quad-certified to be the perfect complement to your structural boots. The exclusive PORON® XRD™ impact foam internal metatarsal guard provides impact protection you’ll hardly even feel. 

Breathing Apparatus

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