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As part of ongoing Risk Management, all facilities need to have a sound, and frequency validated Tactical Fire Plan. Pearl Fire has over 25 years experience in developing these for organisations across the globe. 


A sound Tactical Fire Plan incorporates all of the emergency response criteria such as  initial incident actions, tank specifications, foam specifications, foam application data, foam attack and methodology, post fire suppression techniques, water cooling adjacent tanks etc. Contact us for more information. 











Have peace of mind that Pearl Fire will work with you and the needs of your business through an established Master Service Agreement. At Pearl Fire, we understand the criticality of meeting standards, deadlines and price, so work with you on an agreement which will give you the confidence you need in our ability to provide for you. Contact us for more information. 



Safety and compliance are paramount when it comes to foam management and for that reason Pearl Fire offers foam testing in compliance with UK Ministry Defence Standard 42-40/2 AFFF, FFFP, Fluoroprotein, Protein and Defence Standard 42-41/2 AFFF/AR, FFFP/AR.


It is recommended by NFPA that foam be tested annually. For foam storage facilities in stressful environmental conditions, such as airports, ships and ports, terminals and offshore platforms, fire fighting foam should be routinely checked for contamination and performance. Pearl Fire offers testing for physical properties, percentage and full fire testing for performance evaluation. Contact us for more information. Contact us for more information. 




Pearl Fire has developed a foam management program that offers customers the ability to manage their foam stocks across specified sites for an agreed period of time, ranging from 1 to 3 years.. In this program, Pearl Fire assumes full responsibility for: the ongoing identification and implementation of application specific foam requirements for each site; control and management of stock levels; foam replacement as required; establishment of training foam stocks; annual foam testing; annual reporting; and full service and maintenance documentation. 


Contact us for more information. 




Pearl Fire has a team of qualified personnel that can offer professional services covering maintenance, service and replacement of all fire equipment covering nozzles, monitors, portable and fixed system foam application equipment, pumps, fire fighting hose and dry chemical powder systems. 


Contact us for more information. 




Our auditing team are all certified to conduct audits throughout your facility in areas of:

  • Facility equipment and systems compliance

  • Emergency response to fire fighting, oil spill, hazmat, road accident, confined space and rope rescue incidents

  • Emergency response planning & equipment acquisition

  • Passive and active fire suppression system maintenance and compliance

  • Training programs development and delivery

  • Onshore and offshore oil spill response


Contact us for more information. 




The Pearl Fire trainers are all certified and qualified to conduct training courses in the complete field of fire fighting and emergency response. We offer training at designated training sites or at your facility for a range of courses such as,


  • Fire Training

  • Working at heights

  • Terminal/refinery response

  • First aid

  • Confined space

  • Breathing apparatus

  • Air trailer

  • Fire watcher

  • Gas detection

  • High Volume water / foam delivery


Contact us for more information. 




Pearl Fire’s specialist fire response teams have travelled the globe to respond to, and have learned the best responses to Land and Marine fire emergencies. As an industrial firefighting company with of 25 years’ worth of flammable liquid firefighting assessment and extinguishment experience Pearl Fire’s mission is simple — bring the most experienced and knowledgeable Strike Teams together to extinguish fires effectively and build equipment that exceeds all challenges as seen on those fires.


“Our strength is our people, and the experience they hold in fighting the largest of industrial, mining, oil and gas or wildfire fires around the world. When combined with the best equipment on the planet, we pride ourselves on achieving extinguishment safely and in the shortest possible time. Our standing mission is to minimise risk to our people and maximise success as we work to defend client product and property, the community, and the environment”, Mr Douglas Wulf – Founder of Pearl Fire Pty Ltd.


“We have support personnel here in Australia and around the world, and can mobilise our emergency Strike Team within hours of receiving an emergency call from anyone. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients – in helping them understand their risk and preparing for a crisis. Whether showing them more effective tactical procedures for their facility, organising infrastructure and logistical plans, or supporting proper equipment and supply lines for their protection, we take an interest in their effective abilities and compliment it with ours to better manage any given situation.”


“When you engage Pearl Fire’s Strike Team, you have peace of mind that we have the equipment, the experience, and knowledge drawn from a rich history of overwhelmingly successful extinguishments through our connection with the Williams Fire & Hazard Control. We get results”.


Contact us for more information. 

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