Pearl Fire is proud to bring you a wide range of specialty fire hose designed by firefighters for maximum performance and dependability, Our wide range of light weight, purpose built hosing is widely used in extreme attack hose applications.  We understand the fire industry requirements for specific hazards may change based on the environment and conditions of each circumstance, this is why when you work with the experts from Pearl Fire, we will take the time to ensure you are equipped with the correct hose for any set up and hazard control measure you need.



Neidener is a well recognised leader in the fire industry for its innovatiion in creating lighter, more versatile fire hoses and lay flat hoses. The woven-jacketed hoses are available with rubber lining for increased durability, as well as polyurethane lined fire hoses that are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Engineered to meet the stress of heat, abrasion, chemicals, oil and saltwater, Neidener manufactures ATTACK, SUPPLY and REEL hoses. 


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Hose Retrieval Systems


Pearl Fire is proud to introduce the Hose Mule range into our quality cache of fire products. 

Hose Mule have been manufacturing hose retreival systems since 2006. Owned by a career fire fighter, The Hose Mule offers a complete line hose tretrieval system from 2-1/2" to 12" hose for any fire industry and application.


Available in 5", 8" and 12" Models. Drain water, air and reload hose in one operation. Average speed of operation is 100 feet of 5" or 7.25" hose per minute!
Prevent injuries and save your personnel after a fire by letting the “Hose Mule” work for your Department. Two models to choose from -- Electric or Hydraulic
Constructed entirely of metal, with TIG welded seams, stainless steel hardware, and rollers with diamond grooved vulcanized rubber, to prevent slippage.

12 / 24 VDC, 1/6th horsepower gear motor , (drive sprocket/chain drive), delivering  94 RPM.
Hydraulic version requires a 13 GPM hydraulic power unit.Components are powder coated with RED as the standard colour. 

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