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Introducing the Inundator Super Pumper, by Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Pearl Fire’s latest Australian distributorship partner, and the industrial emergency vehicle that has made an immediate impact in the Emergency Response Industry, breaking Guinness Book World Record for Highest Pumping Capacity Fire Engine.















Having the correct fire apparatus that can deploy fast, provide maximum water flow, and have expanded reach will greatly increase the chances of a positive outcome to situational industrial incidents, petro-chemical and refinery facilities.  Fortunately, Pearl Fire brings to you all of these performance capabilities through the new Inundator Super Pumper. 


By installing their new High Velocity Pump (HVP) on board the industrial pumper. The Inundator Pumper foam pumper is available in many different designs, each suited to the extreme hazards associated with industrial firefighting. Whether you just need a small hand line or the flow of the Williams Ambassador monitor, Pearl Fire have got you covered.


The HVP has redefined performance benchmarks for industrial fire apparatus by reaching 21,000lpm (5,500gpm) from draft and 38,000lpm+ (10,000gpm+) from a pressurized source. The water flow distance measured during a recent field test was an impressive 152 meters + (500 feet+) horizontal reach and 122 meters (400 feet+) vertical reach.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this product, or other custom build fire vehicles. At Pearl Fire, we have the expertise to ensure your site is protected.

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